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Kaptivo Enterprise


 3-year warranty + 3-year SaaS
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Kaptivo Enterprise

Automatically capture and livestream your whiteboard to any device via the cloud

Kaptivo Self-Hosted

High-security whiteboard content streaming and capture over your internal corporate network

Kaptivo HDMI

Livestream your whiteboard to any HDMI display, lecture capture system, or video codec


  • Securely live stream whiteboard content to anyone on any device via web browser or video conference without apps, downloads or plug-ins
  • Download snapshots and multi-page presentations of whiteboard content with important changes
  • Share images via project management software and video conference integrations
Pricing_Whiteboard Live Stream Benefits Kaptivo


  • Kaptivo device with advanced optics, control pad, and installation hardware
  • Embedded imaging processing software that automatically enhances images while removing glare and body parts
  • Designed for whiteboard up to 6ft by 4ft; install in under 10 minutes

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