A unique cloud-connected camera that transforms any standard dry-erase whiteboard into an online collaboration tool for sharing and video conferencing.

A unique cloud-connected camera that transforms any standard dry-erase whiteboard into an online collaboration tool for sharing and video conferencing.


Share the live whiteboard image remotely to any web browser in video conferences.


Automatically capture an image archive of all board changes.


Download and share the whole meeting as a multi-page presentation.

Simply share with anyone.

With over 50 million installed worldwide, we’re using dry-erase whiteboards more than ever for their immediacy, convenience and productivity benefits. Dry-erase whiteboards allow us to work fast and collaboratively, but there is no way to easily save or share the board content outside the conference room.

Kaptivo lets dry-erase whiteboards be seen beyond the meeting, easily integrating with any whiteboard already on the wall and any screenshare-enabled video conference system. Interactive whiteboard technology is clumsy and expensive, but Kaptivo is quick to install and effortless to use, making sharing and saving the whiteboard content simpler, easier and better.

Kaptivo works with any web browser and all video conference platforms supporting screen sharing.

Kaptivo works with any web browser and all video conference platforms supporting screen sharing.

High Quality Images

The Kaptivo camera is easily installed and creates crisp, clean images for whiteboards up to 6ft (1.8m) by 4ft (1.2m).

Intuitive Controls

The control pad directs new users to the online session portal with simple lighted calls to action.

Browser-Based Software

Stream content live to any web browser. Download an archive of your work as a PDF.

Kaptivo installs quickly and easily above your existing dry-erase whiteboard and is a snap to use with web-based software that works in any browser, on any device.

Simple Installation

Wi-Fi connectivity

AC power (110-240V)

Easily-installed mounting bracket

Easy to Use

Single-button activation

Automatic still image capture

Browser-based interface

No software to install


Meeting access approvals

No media storage

SSL data encryption

Frequently Asked Questions

What size of whiteboard does Kaptivo work with?

Kaptivo is designed to work with whiteboards up to 6’ horizontal x 4’ vertical (1.8 m horizontal x 1.2 m vertical).

In what formats does Kaptivo capture slides and images?

Kaptivo captures a slide deck of your Kaptivo Session automatically as a PDF. Individual board image “snapshots” can also be saved as PNGs. We may support additional formats in the future.

Does Kaptivo work with glass-surface boards?

Kaptivo works best with glass-surface boards that have coatings on the back of the glass.  If there is some distance to the wall and no coating you may see some ‘echoes’ in the Kaptivo images, particularly in the bottom corners.  As we continue to improve Kaptivo new capabilities will be rolled out to all customers.

Does Kaptivo work with other (non-white) board colors?

Kaptivo will capture content from any color of board, and works best with white or grey boards, as long as the ink is darker than the board color.  Kaptivo will not work with blackboards.

Does Kaptivo capture audio too?

Kaptivo itself does not include audio recording hardware. However, Kaptivo is designed to work in conjunction with conference tools that do capture audio, like Skype for Business and BlueJeans.

What options exist for mounting a Kaptivo?

Kaptivo ships ready to be mounted on the wall. We are considering alternative mounts including clips and suction mounts.  Please contact us if you have any particular requirements.

Does Kaptivo work on mobile whiteboards?

We are considering development of a mounting system for mobile whiteboards.  Please contact us if you have any particular requirements.

Where in the world can I use Kaptivo?

Anywhere.  Kaptivo ships with power plug adapters for US, UK & Europe and supports 100-240V AC.

Some users have reported inconsistent behaviour when using Kaptivo in China.  We are investigating, but believe this issue is not specific to Kaptivo.

Can Kaptivo be used without the cloud service?

Right now, all Kaptivo connections are routed via our cloud service. However, we have had a lot of requests for a “local network” only mode where direct connections are made between clients and Kaptivo, without any external data transmission. We are looking at implementing this functionality in the future.

Is the Kaptivo cloud service free?

Yes.  All the functions in Kaptivo that are free will remain free.  As well as ongoing (free) improvements to the current product, we also plan to offer some additional, cloud-based ‘premium features’ as part of a paid subscription offering later in 2017.

Does Kaptivo support a wired Ethernet connection?

Kaptivo connects to the network via Wi-Fi. If you wish to use a wired Ethernet connection, a standard wired-to-wireless bridge can be used.

Does Kaptivo integrate with Skype, WebEx or other conference tools?

Kaptivo works well in conjunction with video conference tools. Simply share your board using the Kaptivo web app in your browser as usual, and then use your conference tool’s screen share function.

Does Kaptivo work with lecture capture software?

Kaptivo augments lecture capture tools, allowing powerpoint, text documents or spreadsheets projected onto whiteboards, as well as notes written on the board, to be shared and saved.  We are considering ways to improve Kaptivo in educational environments and would welcome your feedback.

Where can I find more information about Kaptivo?

Our ‘Support’ page has more FAQs, and you can contact our support team there.

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