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Kaptivo brings collaboration capabilities to the whiteboard you already own. Attach Kaptivo to any dry-erase or glass board to save and share your content over your browser or video conference. Avoid miscommunication, connect the team, and collaborate seamlessly.

Thousands of leading companies already use Kaptivo to collaborate more effectively.

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Rice University is one of the world’s top research schools…

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Capture whiteboard images automatically via the Kaptivo whiteboard camera. Anyone can download them as images or PDFs with the click of a button.


Integrate whiteboard content with your favorite business tools like Microsoft Teams and Slack, and education LMS platforms, including Canvas and Google Classroom.


Connect your now-digital whiteboard to your video conferencing or lecture capture system, or stream content directly through your browser in real time.

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Kaptivo’s Digital Whiteboard Camera Works with All Your Favorite Meeting Systems

Customers Love Us

We found Kaptivo to be highly effective at delivering what it promises. We even started saying ‘write it on Kaptivo’ instead of ‘write it on the whiteboard.’

– Hadrien Raffalli, PM at Pivotal Labs

The power of Kaptivo is in its simplicity. From a faculty/staff/student perspective, you don’t need to learn anything new.

– Duke University

Our remote engineering department uses whiteboards and struggled with sharing content. With Kaptivo, we can communicate better for more effective sprints.

– Casey Goldman, CEO at

Kaptivo Wins Best of Show at ISE, Recognized as Finalist at Enterprise Connect

Frequently Asked Questions

What does Kaptivo need to work?

The Kaptivo whiteboard camera is installed above any standard dry-erase whiteboard and uses no special pens, downloads, or plugins. Access Kaptivo using a web browser on any Internet-connected device, or connect via HDMI.

How much does Kaptivo cost?

Kaptivo starts at just $295 + $10/month, and includes everything you need to share your dry-erase whiteboard in video conferences, lecture capture or over the Web.

Why can’t I just take a photo?

You could just take a photo using your phone, but the quality is poor, real-time sharing is not that easy, and storing company data on your personal device is insecure. Kaptivo solves all of these problems by transforming your physical whiteboard into a digital whiteboard with improved visual content clarity, the ability to store and replay your whiteboard session, and the capability of sharing real-time content remotely anywhere.

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