About Kaptivo

What We’re All About

Kaptivo is a brand new accessory that transforms any whiteboard into a live, online collaboration tool. This is the dream gadget/productivity tool for small and medium-sized business owners, entrepreneurs, educators and nomadic workers: a way to have remote meetings and let everyone collaborate as if everyone was in the same room.

Kaptivo is a connected micro-optical camera, housed in a stylish design, that sits above any whiteboard. With Kaptivo installed, everything you write on your whiteboard can be shared in real time with colleagues working remotely, or distributed to your team afterwards as a PDF document. There’s no need to take notes or pictures of the board any more. Kaptivo delivers crisp images for real-time wireless sharing and streaming. You can even rewind your whiteboard to a particular point in the meeting to see how an idea developed and share this timeline of content that is generated “smartly” as a PDF document.

Using patented computer vision algorithms, Kaptivo extracts only the content you write on your whiteboard. It’s easy to use. Just work with your whiteboard as you normally would. Use any pen, any color, any number of people collaborating. As you work, everything you write is captured automatically. With a secure invitation, anyone can access your whiteboard via their web browser on any computer or mobile device.

Market Focus

With 50 million whiteboards in use in corporate meeting spaces, hotels, serviced offices and educational establishments across the world, we plan to focus on large scale deployments across enterprise, government, and educational establishments. We are looking at segmenting this market opportunity geographically and will be adding strategic channel VAR’s in each of the key verticals. Let us know if you would be interested in helping out.


General Enquiries – info@kaptivo.com

Reseller Enquiries – partners@kaptivo.com

Press Enquiries – media@kaptivo.com

Kaptivo Team


Nic Lawrence

Co-Founder & CEO

As an engineer and researcher with extensive experience in building micro optical products — from consumer to large educational flat panel systems to enterprise ready IoT devices— Nic is making it his life’s work to create products that people would not expect to be possible. He earned a M.Eng and Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from the Cambridge University winning academic and industrial prizes along the way. Nic is an avid soccer player, but finds that Kaptivo doesn’t allow him to play nearly as often as he’d like.


Adrian Cable

Co-Founder & CTO/President

Adrian is responsible for Kaptivo’s technology and IP portfolio, driving the research and development effort behind the Company’s present and future product line. Adrian’s focus at Kaptivo is on user experience and bridging the gap between market needs and technology, combining his background in optics, image processing and collaboration with a passion for creating products he always wanted but didn’t exist. Adrian has a PhD from the University of Cambridge in novel display systems and micro-optics, and went on to develop electronic systems integrated into fabric at MIT. During the rare moments when Adrian is not working on Kaptivo, he likes to fly light aircraft, dive shipwrecks and deep reefs, and has on occasion been seen with his welding mask on creating steel installation art.


Steve Semenzato


Steve began changing the world selling useful software products working for Avid Technology setting up channels in Europe and the US. He has gone on to help define how we talk to our computers using voice recognition; how we find products using computer vision with our mobile cameras; and how we understand the world around us using AI software, before coming to Kaptivo. He is a graduate Mechanical Engineer with a practical mind but the heart of a true salesman. When he’s not finding channel partners for Kaptivo to enrich the digital meeting experience, Steve is disappearing off beaten tracks on his motorcycle, eating dishes prepared in his beloved outdoor kitchen, or building his next car!


Shirish Joshi

VP Manufacturing Operations

Shirish is our production guru and brings a wealth of experience in getting things done. Shirish has a broad background in global supply chain management, manufacturing operations, and customer support. Prior to joining Kaptivo, he held manufacturing and supply chain executive posts at Pluribus Networks, Kno Inc, Skyline Solar and Magellan Navigation. He earned a B.E. from University of Pune, India and his M.S. in Industrial Engineering from University of Rhode Island. Shirish’s expertise in quality and efficiency has yet to improve his golf game, but that’s the furthest thing from his mind when he’s traveling the world with his wife.