Whiteboard collaboration with any HDMI or USB video room system

Stream live dry-erase content directly into your HDMI codec or USB conference room system via Kaptivo’s digital whiteboard camera technology.

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Remote, Collaborative Whiteboarding Just Got Easier​

Kaptivo brings your video conferencing experience to the next level by connecting one of the last digital holdouts – the whiteboard – with our convenient technology that creates a digital whiteboard presentation for remote collaboration. Kaptivo integrates seamlessly into your HDMI codec or USB meeting room system. Now, everyone in your video call engages in whiteboard collaboration in real time with perfect clarity.

Patented AI-powered computer vision technology​

Install Kaptivo's digital whiteboard camera above your existing whiteboard to stream images with no glare, smudges, or people blocking the board

No need to change the way you work​

No apps, plugins, logins, or special pens required! In a meeting, simply select the Kaptivo input on your codec or room computer

Powerful yet economical

Connect your now-digital whiteboard to your existing HDMI codec or USB room computer using Kaptivo

Select Kaptivo Input on Room Controller

Write on Your Whiteboard Normally

Everyone in the Meeting Can See


Choose which Kaptivo bundle is right for you.

Kaptivo Business Edition
HDMI or USB bundle

$990 (HDMI), $1190 (USB)
Recommended for small deployments
  • One-click live whiteboard sharing
  • Connect via Wi-Fi or Ethernet to your network, and via HDMI to your codec, or USB to your meeting room computer
  • Automatic firmware updates
  • Share whiteboard to any web browser
  • Save snapshots
  • 'Timeline' meeting summary
  • Integrated with enterprise productivity apps
  • Share to learning management systems

Kaptivo Enterprise
HDMI or USB bundle

$1290 (HDMI), $1490 (USB)
Includes all Business Edition features, plus:
  • Usage analytics
  • Remote administration and fleet management
  • 'Timeline' meeting summary
  • Single sign-on (SSO) management
  • Self-hosted mode
  • Tailored customer success programs

Join thousands of happy customers using Kaptivo

From small businesses to Fortune 100 enterprises, thousands of companies use Kaptivo to bring whiteboarding into the digital collaboration ecosystem.

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