The end of “Click Draw Share” – introducing Auto-Share for Kaptivo users

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We are excited to announce a revolutionary (and patent pending) way to share your existing whiteboard in a video meeting using Zoom, Cisco Webex or other collaboration system.

A year ago Kaptivo introduced “Click Draw Share” – a one-click way to share your regular whiteboard in any video meeting (Zoom, Cisco, Lifesize, Microsoft etc).  It made whiteboard sharing super easy and users loved it. Usage went up. But there was still something not-so-satisfying about the experience.

We were still left wondering “What’s better than Click Draw Share”?

The obvious answer is “zero click” sharing!  After all, when you want to use a whiteboard in a meeting (without Kaptivo that is), there’s no button to click – you just pick up a pen and start drawing.

So we’re proud to unveil our new “Auto Share” feature which is essentially a zero-click way to share your whiteboard in a video meeting.  Auto-Share is available to all Kaptivo customers who are either using Kaptivo for Zoom Rooms or the KaptivoCast appliance. You need to be using firmware v3.1 or later (this is a free, over-the-air upgrade) and best of all, it’s free.

Auto-share is great in part because it’s faster and more intuitive to use but it also increases usage because users don’t have to learn how to “turn on” Kaptivo any more.

How Auto-Share works:

Pick up a pen and start drawing.  Your whiteboard will be shared in your video meeting automatically!

Check out our short video and see how Auto-Share works.

If you prefer to have control over whether to share the whiteboard contents, there’s a “Prompt mode” that asks you to confirm sharing by pressing the control pad button when whiteboard use is detected.


How to enable Auto-Share:

Auto-Share has 3 configuration options:

  • Automatic sharing
  • Prompt mode
  • No Auto-sharing (Only share when the button is pressed)

Auto-Share is configured in “Prompt mode” by default and you can change this in the Kaptivo configuration tool.  BTW, you can still use Kaptivo “the old way”, by pressing the control pad button or through the Zoom Room Controller – but auto-share is MUCH easier.

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