The Technology

Correct. Detect. Perfect.

At the heart of your Kaptivo is the Kaptivo Content Compute Engine, our patented three-stage AI-based computer vision pipeline that transforms imperfect camera images of your whiteboard, removing distortions, reflections, shadows, and people in front of the board. The result? Flawless digital detail, delivered to remote collaborators in real time.
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How it works

Lens Performance

Compensation for chromatic aberration (CA) and lens distortion to enhance the output image quality and improve detection steps.

Sensor Performance

Control of shutter times and gain while monitoring noise to optimise performance in a wide range of lighting conditions.

Capture Performance

Patented CA-aware demosaicing algorithms to improve capture quality with lower resolution sensors and lenses.


Locate Area Of Interest

Identify image area with > 99% accuracy on any whiteboard type, with or without a frame, under any lighting conditions.

Geometry Detection

Identify whiteboard image parameters for an unknown capture geometry (capture angle and location).

Whiteboard Content Detection

Remove non-whiteboard content, such as the presenter, from the captured image stream.


Clean The Background

Detect and remove old ink smudges, shadows, reflections and discolorations.

Clean Pen Strokes

Correct for fading ink, improve the sharpness, correct the colors. Make the content look as users think it does.

Summarize The Content

Remember content so the whiteboard can be erased without data loss, and build a summary deck with all key slides.


A Look Inside Your Kaptivo Hardware

Hover over Kaptivo’s internal components to learn more about our industry-leading technology and performance.

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