How to Set Up Kaptivo

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Kaptivo work?

Kaptivo uses advanced optics and image processing to automatically produce a clear, focused image of the whiteboard as if the viewer was square in front of it. Kaptivo’s image processing removes hands and arms of users working on or near the board to produce a high-fidelity digital whiteboard image.

What drivers or software do I need on my PC/Mac, phone or tablet?

Kaptivo works entirely through your browser and needs no additional software, drivers or plug-ins on your PC, Mac, iOS device (iPad, iPhone), Android tablet or phone, or other device.

What browsers does Kaptivo work with?

Kaptivo works with most modern web browsers including the latest versions of Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Edge, Internet Explorer and the Android browser. If you would like us to test another browser please let us know in the ‘contact support’ box.

On some small screen devices some elements or buttons of the Kaptivo setup page are not visible. If you can’t see something described in the quick start guide please try a larger screen device.

How do I adjust the area that the Kaptivo captures? I moved the Kaptivo and now it doesn’t show the whole white board. How do I fix that?

With power on, press and hold the button on the control pad until indicator light flashes green and red. Reconnect your computer or mobile device to KAPTIVO-xxxxxx Wi-Fi network. Then visit from your browser to reconfigure Kaptivo.

What data does Kaptivo store and where? Is my privacy protected? Is my data secure?

Only people physically in the meeting room can start a Kaptivo Session. Viewing the whiteboard then requires an invitation or an approval from someone already part of the Kaptivo Session. No one outside your Session can access your Session content.  No Session data is stored in the cloud, and data is stored only temporarily (during the meeting) on Kaptivo itself.  All Kaptivo communications are encrypted.

How do I change the Wi-Fi network my Kaptivo is connected to?

With power on, press and hold the button on the control pad until indicator light flashes green and red. Reconnect your computer or mobile device to KAPTIVO-xxxxxx Wi-Fi network. Then visit from your browser to reconfigure Kaptivo.

What do the lights on the control pad mean?

A flashing red/green light indicates your Kaptivo is ready to be set up.

A solid green light indicates your Kaptivo is connected to a Wi-Fi network and ready to be used to share your whiteboard.

A solid red light indicates the unit is not connected to your Wi-Fi network.

A flashing blue button indicates that someone is trying to start a new Kaptivo Session (The blue light on the Kaptivo main unit also flashes). To allow them to view your whiteboard, press the flashing button on the control pad. If you do not wish to allow viewing the Session request will time out after 30 seconds and the button will stop flashing.

A solid blue button indicates the board is currently being shared. Subsequent Session attendees can ask to join by going to and entering the Kaptivo ID. Participants already in the Session will be notified in their browser that someone wants to join the Session You can end the Session at any time by pressing the solid blue button.

How can I invite people to a Kaptivo Session?

While in a Session at press ‘Invite’.  You can email the link from, copy the invite link to your email client, or send a text message if you are using a phone. They will join straight into the Session without further action from existing board share participants.

How do I end sharing at the end of a Session?

Press the control pad blue button (the light goes off), or

Go to ‘More’ in your browser and select ‘End Session’ or

If all Session attendees close their browser session the Kaptivo Session will end after 5 minutes. Sessions can time out when only mobile device browsers are used and not kept open/active, or if a PC suspends or goes to sleep stopping regular communication with

How do I access the history of my Kaptivo Session after the meeting?

At the end of a Kaptivo Session each participant is shown a Session Summary slide deck, which can be downloaded.  History is available for only 15 minutes after the Kaptivo Session ends.

Why can’t I get the camera unit to stay on the wall mount?

The Kaptivo camera unit fits into the mount from the front.  Place the top of the camera unit against the mount (angled slightly upwards) and tilt the camera unit down into the mount.

Why won’t the connector on the data cable from the Kaptivo camera unit go into the control pad?

Make sure you have the arrow logo facing you as you plug it in inside the control pad, and that you are putting it in straight.

What’s the difference between and is used only to set up your Kaptivo for the first time, and is used to configure the camera and set up the connection to the internet. is used to share your board over the internet.

Why is there nothing there when I went to to setup my Kaptivo?

To set up a new Kaptivo (or after pressing ‘Restore’ on your Kaptivo) make sure you are going to when connected to the KAPTIVO-xxxxxx Wi-FI setup network.

Why was there a KAPTIVO-xxxxxx Wi-Fi network while I was setting up my Kaptivo, but I can’t see it any more?

Kaptivo creates the KAPTIVO-xxxxxx Wi-Fi network for set-up and configuration. After completing set-up, Kaptivo connects to the Internet using your regular Wi-Fi connection.

Which Wi-Fi frequencies are supported?

Kaptivo supports 2.4GHz Wi-Fi networks. 5GHz networks will not appear on the list of networks available during Kaptivo configuration.

Why can't I access

Ensure that is not blocked by your network firewall or filtering software on your device.

How do I find the MAC address of my Kaptivo?

To find the MAC address of your Kaptivo unit, for example to add Kaptivo to an enterprise IT whitelist, visit while connected to your Kaptivo’s Wi-Fi configuration network (KAPTIVO-xxxxxx). Click “Next” on the first screen, then “Advanced”, then “About”, and the MAC address is shown. It can take some time, up to hours, for MAC address whitelists to propagate through a large enterprise network.

Note: If you have already completed your Kaptivo set-up, you will first need to place it back into configuration mode, by pressing and holding the button on the control pad until the indicator light flashes green and red. Then, follow the instructions above.

Why is there a time delay between writing on the board and it showing up on

The Kaptivo image processing software waits for obstacles (like hands or pens) to move out of the way, and then sends the images to over the internet, and to your browser over the internet, all of which can delay the image being shown on your device.

Why is my Kaptivo working differently today than it was yesterday?

Your Kaptivo unit’s software automatically updates to ensure you always have the latest feature updates.

Can I extend the cables that come with Kaptivo?

Kaptivo was designed and certified to work with the cables that come with your Kaptivo.  Extenders or longer cables are not supported.  Kaptivo ships with the following cables: Power supply – Control pad:  2.5m.   Control pad – camera unit:  1.8m.  Please note that the connectors that Kaptivo uses are NOT standard phone charging connectors.

Will Kaptivo work with Post-it® notes or other similar products on the whiteboard, or with paper flip charts?

Kaptivo works best with Post-it® notes if they are completely flat and flush to the whiteboard, and with whiteboard pens or Sharpies, not ball point or biro pens.  Special ‘flat’ types of Post-it® note are available.  

The movement of flip chart paper caused by writing can result in reduced image quality or lagging in image presentation to remote users.

I think I need to clean the lens on the camera unit. How should I do that?

Kaptivo can compensate for some dust or dirt on the camera lens, and its best not to touch the lens.  If you must clean it use a cloth suitable for glasses, being careful not to scratch it.  Do not pull down on the camera unit.

What is the maximum number of remote viewers in a Kaptivo Session?

Kaptivo supports up to 15 remote users (browsers).

It appears my firewall is blocking What can I do?

Please contact Kaptivo support (using the form on the right) for a list of domains and ports that Kaptivo needs to access.

How do I do a factory reset on my Kaptivo? For example, you may be transferring ownership of your Kaptivo to someone else.

To perform a factory reset locate the “Restore” pin hole on the bottom of your Kaptivo control pad. Use a paperclip or the tip of a pen to press and hold the restore button for 10-15 seconds. Kaptivo has been reset once the light flashes red and green. You can now reconnect your computer or mobile device to KAPTIVO-xxxxxx Wi-Fi network. Then visit from your browser to reconfigure Kaptivo.

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