Streamline Remote Collaboration With Whiteboard Sharing

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Virtual communication drives the modern workplace: one in four people video conference every day to collaborate with employees and clients all across the globe. Designed to mimic in-office experiences–like holding impromptu brainstorming sessions–virtual communication plays a critical role in improving relationships and driving efficiency. As cross-office collaboration improves, enterprises can reduce costly travel for remote work and remote collaboration.

The rise of the virtual team poses a challenge for companies that rely on convenient, cost-effective whiteboards to collaborate. Individuals in the room may attempt to share content with remote participants using insufficient and poor quality web cameras and cell phone photos. These methods lead to obstructed board view, inability to share in real time, and information storage on unsecured personal devices. For teams that use digital whiteboards, collaboration comes at a price. These tools cost much more than standard whiteboards and must be permanently installed, restricting mobility.

Use the Kaptivo whiteboard camera to improve remote collaboration and communication and without changing the way you work. The affordable device enables teams to share whiteboards in order to collaborate quickly and effectively while also saving time and money on commuting.

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Start sharing your whiteboard now!