Introducing Kaptivo HDMI

Integrate whiteboard conferencing and recording directly into dedicated video systems in the classroom or office

Kaptivo transforms any dry-erase whiteboard into a real-time visual collaboration system.

  • Improve productivity of groups, both in the office and around the world
  • Efficiently collaborate with the immediacy, flexibility, and creativity of the whiteboard
  • Provide a secure method of storing IP designed on the whiteboard

Livestream To Any HDMI Device

  • Securely livestream whiteboard content to any HDMI capable input, including TVs and lecture capture systems
  • Automatically share whiteboard images of important content without glare, smudges, or people blocking the board.
  • Seamlessly integrate into dedicated video conferencing systems from all leading providers.

Kaptivo Whiteboard Sharing System

  • Kaptivo device with advanced optics, control pad, installation hardware, and HDMI controller.
  • Advanced computer imaging processing software that automatically enhances images while removing glare and body parts.
  • Designed for whiteboard up to 6ft by 4ft (1.8 m x 1.2 m); install in under 10 minutes.

Ready to Secure Your Whiteboard?

Let Kaptivo boost your productivity through improved visual collaboration