(Re)Introducing Kaptivo Rooms

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Work from everywhere” is irrefutably here to stay and we’re excited to announce some changes that will make Kaptivo an even more valuable part of your collaboration toolset and experience, no matter what type of meeting space you’re working from or how distributed your team is.

Our longstanding customers know us for our versatile Kaptivo devices that can turn any physical whiteboard into a digital collaboration tool, unlocking the brainstorming, teaching, planning and visualizing activities that are so challenging in an all-remote or hybrid remote/in-person environment. These room systems pair exceptionally well with any video conferencing platform or meeting room setup and offer “one-click” native integration with Zoom, Cisco, Crestron and Lifesize. Historically, we’ve asked our customers to determine their preferred video platform, then purchase corresponding hardware and software solutions from us.

Today, we’re making that a whole lot easier and more streamlined, consolidating our portfolio and packaging to simply reflect a single solution: Kaptivo Rooms.

digital whiteboard and collaboration graphic

From here on out, customers and partners need only worry about selecting a Kaptivo Rooms Business or Enterprise bundled monthly subscription package, available on a 1-year, 3-year or 5-year basis. You’ll need the wall-mounted Kaptivo Whiteboard Camera and, for certain video systems, a Kaptivo Cast to convert to USB or HDMI input.

But wait, there’s more. The simplification to Kaptivo Rooms delivers further ROI in that customers can easily switch their Kaptivo devices to work with any of the aforementioned video platforms, without hassle or forced upgrades. With such prevailing economic uncertainty and constrained IT budgets, we want to make sure that there’s nothing holding our customers back from realizing full value from their Kaptivo investments, even if they decide to migrate from Zoom Rooms to Microsoft Teams, for example. Interoperability and seamless integration with the most popular video conferencing and room control system providers has been a hallmark of Kaptivo’s business model, and will continue unabated following our recent move to join forces with Lifesize.

New Features Arrive for Kaptivo Rooms

Along with the simplification in packaging and pricing, we’re eager to bring two powerful new features to Kaptivo Rooms:

Broadcast Channels

Specially designed for educators, lecturers and public speakers​​, Broadcast Channels introduce organizer and viewer roles with different levels of access​​, support more than 1000 simultaneous viewers of one whiteboard (akin to a video live stream) and create persistent Kaptivo channels with a link that can be pre-shared​ with the audience.

Status Boards

Developed for remote viewing of status or production schedule whiteboards present in workplaces and venues like factories, transportation hubs and hospitals, Status Boards allow remote employees to log in to a whiteboard to see schedules in real time or be notified whenever the schedule is changed. These Kaptivo whiteboards can be left on 24/7 to ensure teams have the most up-to-date staffing or scheduling information and no one misses a beat.

For more information about features included with the Business and Enterprise subscription tiers as well as specific pricing for Kaptivo Rooms, visit: https://kaptivo.com/kaptivo-rooms.

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(Re)Introducing Kaptivo Rooms

“Work from everywhere” is irrefutably here to stay and we’re excited to announce some changes that will make Kaptivo an even more valuable part of

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