The Best Whiteboard Solution for Zoom Rooms is Now Generally Available!

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Whiteboards and video conferencing have always been like oil and water – they just don’t go together well.   Pointing the camera at the whiteboard is a terrible experience – the content is distorted by the camera angle, there’s glare and reflections on the board and the writer is standing between the board and the camera so you can’t see what’s being written.


One third of all video meetings involve the use of whiteboard – so why put up with a crappy experience? Kaptivo makes your existing whiteboards a natural part of your digital collaboration experience and we’ve partnered with Zoom to make the Kaptivo for Zoom Rooms experience the best yet.

Kaptivo for Zoom Rooms is easy to use.  You can press the “share whiteboard” button on the Zoom Rooms interface …



… or you can configure the “Zero Click” auto-start feature: with your Zoom meeting in process, just start writing on the whiteboard and the content is automatically shared in your meeting!

Kaptivo’s patented image processing capabilities make the digitized version of the whiteboard “better than real”.  The Kaptivo automatically eliminates glare, streaks and other visual impairments so that the digital image is crisp and clear.  It even removes the arm and body of the writer so you can always see the entire board in real time.



Add Kaptivo to your Zoom Room today and make meetings more productive than ever.

Learn more at

Current Kaptivo Enterprise Edition and Kaptivo Business Edition customers – ask your salesperson about our exciting upgrade offer!

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