Whiteboard from Home with Kaptivo

Optimizing productivity while working from home has never been more critical. Kaptivo securely shares your home whiteboard in video meetings using Zoom, Webex, Microsoft Teams and more. From just $17/month.

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Save everything

Never face the “do not erase whiteboard” sign again. Download individual whiteboard image or multi-page timeline presentations of your complete workflow timeline.

Share in real time

Keep everyone on the same page. Live stream online using any web browser on any device with no downloads, share via video conference, or share through leading enterprise productivity apps and learning management systems, including Slack, Trello, Microsoft Teams, WebEx Teams, Google Classroom, and Canvas.

Secure company IP

Cellphone whiteboard photos aren’t just terrible quality, they’re on unsecured devices. Control how your whiteboard images are saved and shared with Kaptivo.

Crystal-clear images

Squinting to see the board? Not with Kaptivo. Automatically capture whiteboard images of important content without glare, smudges, or people.

Kaptivo whiteboard images are so clean, they look digitally created

Capture and share your board content in vibrant color on a clean, crisp background. Every marker stroke is enhanced to improve legibility and remove smudges. Moving people, hands, and markers are removed from the image.

Can your phone or webcam do that?

Share live with anyone, anywhere, on any device

Automatically live stream your whiteboard content around the world or across the room.

Use Kaptivo’s secure browser-based web app to share your whiteboard with co-workers in higher quality than in person.

No apps, plug-ins, downloads, or complicated log-ins.

Collaborate now, review later

Focus on the discussion. Forget transcribing board notes or struggling to see low-resolution whiteboard photos.

Individual snapshots allow you to save and share only the most important images.

Multi-page PDFs enable you to review the entire session.

Keep IP off personal devices and in your control

Without Kaptivo, employees are forced to take cellphone photos of whiteboard content or use webcams to bring whiteboards to remote teams.

Insecure personal devices make important company information vulnerable.

SSL encryption and approval protocol for whiteboard sessions ensure your intellectual property and sensitive information stay protected.

Simplify project management

Use Kaptivo to record assigned tasks, priorities, workflows, and more.

Then, keep the team efficient and in sync by adding your whiteboard images directly to your favorite productivity software, including Slack, Trello, Microsoft Teams and WebEx Teams.

Pricing plans

Choose which Kaptivo Rooms subscription is right for you.


$17 USD
per month
+ $295 USD for Kaptivo Wall Mount Camera (one-time purchase)
Includes all you need to turbocharge whiteboard productivity:
  • Native integration to room systems (Cisco Touch 10, Crestron Flex / AirMedia / Mercury, Lifesize Share, Zoom Rooms)​
  • Share whiteboard to any web browser
  • Save snapshots
  • 'Timeline' meeting summary
  • Integrated with enterprise productivity apps
  • Share to learning management systems


$24 USD
per month
+ $295 USD for Kaptivo Wall Mount Camera (one-time purchase)
Includes all business features, plus:
  • Usage analytics
  • Remote administration and fleet management
  • Tailored customer success programs
  • Handwriting recognition (OCR), translation, and text-to-speech
  • Single sign-on (SSO) management
  • Broadcast mode
  • Self-hosted mode

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From schools and small businesses to Fortune 100 enterprises, thousands of organizations use Kaptivo to bring whiteboarding into the digital collaboration ecosystem.

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