Kaptivo makes whiteboards smarter with new OCR and Language Translation feature

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Cross border collaboration has always been valuable but with many companies implementing travel bans, digitally collaborating with co-workers, customers and partners in other countries has become even more important. To make cross-border collaboration more productive, Kaptivo is excited to announce a new feature that demonstrates the value of augmented visual collaboration: OCR and Language Translation.



OCR (Optical Character Recognition) turns handwriting into digital text. When OCR is turned on, the digital text is superimposed on the whiteboard image, effectively replacing handwriting with characters. The OCR feature has a number of uses:

  • Makes whiteboard content more legible, especially when the writer has messy handwriting
  • Enables whiteboards to be searchable. In combination with the Timeline feature, you can now search across all versions of the whiteboard in a session. For example, searching for ‘data model’ shows every snapshot of the whiteboard where someone wrote ‘data model’ in your meeting.
  • Enables language translation

The Kaptivo language translation feature allows remote users to translate whiteboard content written in English into one of 5 languages: (French, German, Spanish, Japanese or Chinese). With language translation enabled, each viewer can choose the language they want to see. As content is written on the whiteboard, it’s first converted to text and then translated in real time, and superimposed over the original handwriting.

The promise of augmented visual collaboration is to make digital collaboration ‘better than real’. With OCR and Language Translation, the augmented digital whiteboard is better than the ‘real’ physical whiteboard: more useful and more productive.

OCR and Language Translation are available now as part of Kaptivo Enterprise Edition and Kaptivo for Zoom Rooms Enterprise Subscriptions. This feature makes use of 3rd-party cloud-services from Microsoft and Google and is disabled by default. To enable the feature, within the ‘Kaptivo Insight’ management portal or the admin web interface, an administrator must first accept the latest Kaptivo Terms of Service.

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