Kaptivo Eases Air Traveler Frustration Caused by Recent Technology Failures at UK Airports

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Offer for a free Kaptivo whiteboard capture system for any airport will eliminate missed flights and traveler confusion

[Press Release] Kaptivo, a collaboration technology company, announces today an offer of a free Kaptivo Whiteboard Camera to any airport around the world. With this offer, Kaptivo alleviates the nightmare of airport technology failure for both air travelers and airport personnel.

In the last two months, two of the largest airports in the UK – London Heathrow, and London Gatwick – have experienced failures with their flight information systems that caused massive confusion, frustration and missed flights. Both airports were forced to provide flight information to passengers by manually writing on dry-erase whiteboards distributed throughout the terminal, a process which passengers described as “chaotic.”

The Kaptivo whiteboard capture system provides a solution when flight information goes down. The camera captures and enhances the whiteboard content to remove glare and people blocking the board, and then streams the writing to monitors around the airport in real-time. Kaptivo enables airports to share updates instantly from a central control room to the monitors around the airport where flight information is typically displayed, thus causing less disruption and stress for passengers. This video illustrates how airports can use their free Kaptivo system should the flight information system fail.

“We’re proud to help airports provide a world-class experience to travelers, even in the face of unexpected technology failures,” said Nic Lawrence, co-Founder and Chief Customer Officer of Kaptivo. “Of course, airport flight information is just one of the many uses of the Kaptivo system. Anyone who uses traditional dry-erase whiteboards can use a Kaptivo to collaborate and share information digitally.”

The offer for a free Kaptivo expires on December 31, 2018. Airports interested in this offer should email hello@kaptivo.com.

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