Whiteboard Cameras Improve Student Learning Outcomes, Focus, and Productivity

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Students need accessible reference materials to improve comprehension. Note-taking is the default way for millions of students to reference classroom discussions or study sessions. Reviewing class notes helps to organize the relationship between ideas, assists in understanding, and improves learning. While presentations are extensively used by teachers in lectures, writing on the dry-erase whiteboard remains a convenient and effective way to explain complex concepts or solve technical problems. A whiteboard is an excellent tool for real-time collaboration with students in a class or office hours.

While whiteboards are time-tested and a teacher favorite, whiteboard notes are often hard to see and copy.  Note taking may seem like a simple task, but it requires attention and active listening. The mechanical aspects of note taking are often dependent on a student’s motor abilities, including the ability to write quickly and legibly.

Professors speak at about 120 wpm while students write 25 wpm. Hence, it is quite likely that students take incomplete or incorrect notes.

Studies have shown that note-taking during lectures reduces learning because it results in split attention. In fact, in many cases, note taking can become a distraction – reducing the mental ability to process the content they are hearing and making it difficult for the student to write complete and informative notes.

Use the Kaptivo whiteboard camera to enable student participation, not note-taking. Attached to the top of any whiteboard, the camera automatically saves images and shares content in real time via livestream on any device. Whiteboard images are instantly enhanced to remove any reflections, glare, or people blocking the board. When thinking about classroom design, a Kaptivo is a cost-effective and outcome-driven alternative to Smart Boards or interactive digital boards.

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