How Interactive Whiteboards Protect IP as It Evolves

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How Interactive Whiteboards Protect IP as It Evolves

There was a great piece in CSO a few weeks ago with tips on how to keep IP safe.

I suspect many organizations don’t fancy themselves sophisticated think tanks generating intellectual property that requires protection.

They may be wrong.

In business we collaborate. When we collaborate, we generate ideas. Some of those ideas may result in creative works or processes that generate revenue.

And they warrant protection.

The Dark and Lazy Forces Behind Loss of IP

The CSO piece talks about “dark forces” that are trying to get at this IP. According to the Theft of Intellectual Property Commission, as much as $600 billion in IP is stolen every year.

But not every business is a global pharmaceutical or biotech company. Often the loss of IP boils down to a simple misunderstanding or undocumented agreement between a business and a client over who owns what.

Or, you lose it by accident through workers not properly trained and their careless use of the many collaboration tools at their disposal.

Protection Requires Detection

Either way, IP protection is critical. If it’s not already the lifeblood of your business, it could be. Competitive superiority often comes down to what you know, not what you have. You win with information.

To protect IP, CSO says you first must know what IP you have and where it is. It could be on a worker’s personal cloud. It could be stored on the company printer.

Then, after prioritizing and labeling your IP, you need to secure it–both digitally and physically. This includes making sure workers are trained to handle IP appropriately.

Protecting Your IP from Seed to Sycamore

But what about tracking IP as it evolves from a seed of an idea?

All you need is one ah-ha moment that cascades into a game changing innovation for your business.

When will you realize it’s IP? Will you be able to protect it in time?

Interactive Whiteboards Can Track and Protect

The unsanctioned sharing of IP often occurs through email, file sharing and other collaboration tools. Whiteboards are especially notorious for the inadvertent leaking of sensitive information–especially in today’s snap-and-share smartphone culture.

This is because whiteboards are often where new ideas first take hold. It’s where IP can develop before anyone even realizes it’s IP.

But while unguarded whiteboards are often responsible for leaking information, interactive whiteboards can actually help protect it. This is one of the reasons why many of our customers turn to Kaptivo.

Because Kaptivo lets you save individual board images or download multi-page PDFs of the entire whiteboarding session, you can automatically create a complete record of any ideation that eventually evolves into IP.

And because the content is securely digitized, you can erase the board after a session instead of leaving unguarded content up for hours for anyone to see and walk away with.

Want to learn more? Request a full demo here!

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