Kaptivo Enterprise and Business Edition

Your Whiteboard, Now Connected

Collaborate with remote team members with secure whiteboard live sharing and video conference integrations

Share via Video Conference

Remote meetings run smoother when everyone can see the whiteboard on any conference system.

Secure Whiteboard Photos

Make it easier to securely capture whiteboard images to keep photos off vulnerable personal devices.

No Complicated Technology

No downloads, apps, plug-ins, or markers to slow you down. Enables everyone to get started without training.

Connect via Video Conference or Web Browser

Bring whiteboard collaboration into video conferencing applications you and your customers already use, including Google Hangouts and Skype. Kaptivo links directly into many professional video conference systems and hardware – or just use any web browser on any device.


Share Livestream of Whiteboard

Have a large board room, a remote team member, or a global brainstorming session? Whiteboard livestreaming enables everyone, including remote participants, to see the board clearly. No downloads or apps required.

Secure Whiteboard Image Capture

Kaptivo automatically captures every whiteboard image in vibrant color without people or hands in the way. Integrated digital image processing improves legibility and crispness for easier reading.

Save Snapshots and Track Changes

Save key snapshots of individual board images or download multi-page PDFs of the full whiteboarding session. The timeline feature captures key changes to automatically create a complete record of your workflow.

Kaptivo whiteboard live streaming and capture is perfect for every office, boardroom, or huddle room. All you need is a standard whiteboard.

Ready to Get Started?

Remote meetings have never been easier or more secure.