Whiteboard Image Capture for Education

Improve Student Outcomes

As an essential tool for visual learning and collaboration, whiteboards can improve learning outcomes by up to 400%

Affordable device enables educators, students, and administrators to save and real-time share whiteboard content in stunning colors with no people or obstruction.

Focus on the Discussion

Enable students to fully participate in the moment without the distraction of rapid note-taking and text that is hard to read.

No Complicated Technology

No clunky hardware, software, or special markers to slow you down. Enables everyone to get started without training.

Upgrade Every Room

Cost-effective pricing enables you to modernize multiple whiteboards across classrooms, offices, and study rooms.

Optimized Whiteboard Image Capture

Kaptivo automatically captures every whiteboard image in vibrant color without people or hands in the way. Integrated digital image processing improves legibility and crispness for easier reading.

Save Snapshots and Track Changes

Save key snapshots of individual board images or download multi-page PDFs of the full whiteboarding session. The timeline feature smartly captures key changes to automatically create a complete record of your workflow. Native integrations with Canvas and Google Classroom make managing your whiteboard content and sharing with students effortless.

Share Livestream of Whiteboard

Have a large room, a remote student, or an off-campus meeting? Whiteboard livestreaming via the browser enables everyone, including remote participants, to see the board clearly. No downloads or apps required.

Connect via Video Conference

Bring whiteboard collaboration into video applications you and your students already use, including Google Hangouts to Skype. Kaptivo directly integrates into many professional video conference systems and lecture capture systems.

Kaptivo whiteboard capture is perfect for every room on campus. Use it in classrooms, study-rooms, libraries, teacher offices, and administrator rooms. All you need is a standard whiteboard.

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