Considering buying a Kaptivo and want to know how it works? Check out our frequently asked questions or connect with sales if you are ready to get started. Don’t see the product or features you are looking for? Reach out and let us know – we have several new products in the works!

Already purchased Kaptivo and looking for help with your order or installation?


Support Quick Start Guide

Already purchased Kaptivo and looking for help with your order or installation?


Support Quick Start Guide

Will Kaptivo work on my board?

Kaptivo is designed to work on white or coated glass dry-erase boards up to 6′ x 4′ (1.8 m x 1.2 m). The product includes all required hardware to mount to drywall. If you are looking for mobile mounting options, please sales or reach out via chat.

What does Kaptivo do?

The Kaptivo whiteboard camera system digitally captures and enhances whiteboard images to remove glare, people, and hands. Live streamed whiteboard content is automatically captured and shared online via any web browser or through video conference systems, or shared directly through project management integrations like Slack and Trello. Crisp whiteboard images of important content can also be downloaded as snapshots or multi-page presentations.

How does Kaptivo work?

Kaptivo uses advanced optics and image processing to automatically produce crisp and colorful whiteboard images without the distraction of glare, people and hands. Using a secure cloud service, authorized viewers can access, save, and distribute content from any device without downloading any software, apps, browser plug-ins or drivers. Kaptivo works with the standard whiteboard you already use and doesn’t require special markers, hardware, or software.

How can I buy Kaptivo?

If you are looking to purchase immediately, please visit our online store. If you have questions, particular product requirements, or are looking to purchase a larger quantity, please request a quote. If you are interested in becoming a reseller, please contact us.

Does Kaptivo work with glass surface boards?

Kaptivo works best with glass-surface boards that have coatings on the back of the glass. If there is some distance to the wall and no coating you may see some ‘echoes’ in the Kaptivo images, particularly in the bottom corners. If you wish to use Kaptivo with a glass board, we recommend Clarus boards.

In what formats does Kaptivo capture slides and images?

Kaptivo captures a slide deck of your Kaptivo session automatically as a PDF. Individual board image “snapshots” can also be saved as a PNG.

Does Kaptivo capture audio?

Kaptivo itself does not include audio recording hardware. However, Kaptivo is designed to work in conjunction with any conference room phone or video conference tools that capture audio, like Skype for Business and BlueJeans.

Will Kaptivo work with Post-It® notes or other similar products on the whiteboard, or with paper flip charts?

Kaptivo works best with Post-It ® notes if they are completely flat and flush with the whiteboard, and with whiteboard pens or sharpies, not ball point or biro pens. Special ‘flat’ types of Post-It® notes are available.

The movement of flip chart paper caused by writing can result in reduced image quality or lagging in image presentation to remote users.

What options exist for mounting a Kaptivo?

Kaptivo ships ready to be mounted on any office wall. We are exploring alternative mounts including clips and suction mounts to support movable boards. Please contact us if you have any particular requirements.

Where in the world can I use Kaptivo?

Anywhere. Kaptivo ships with power plug adapters for the United States/Canada, United Kingdom, and Europe and supports 100-240v AC. All you need is AC power and an Internet connection.

Can Kaptivo be used without the cloud service?

Right now, all Kaptivo connections are routed via our cloud service. Please contact us if you are looking for alternative options.

Does Kaptivo support a wired Ethernet connection?

The May 2018 release of Kaptivo supports Ethernet (PoE) and Wi-Fi. Earlier versions Wi-Fi only.

Does Kaptivo integrate with Skype, WebEx or other conference tools?

Kaptivo works well in conjunction with video conference tools. Simply share your board using the Kaptivo web app in your browser as usual, and then use your conference tool’s screen share function. The whiteboard can be then be shared using BlueJeans, Skype, Skype for Business, WebEx, Zoom, Lifesize, StarLeaf, or Vidyo. Please contact us if you would like information on additional conference system integrations.

Does Kaptivo integrate with project management tools?

You can share Kaptivo whiteboard images directly to Slack or Trello.

How does Kaptivo work?

Kaptivo uses advanced optics and image processing to automatically produce a clear, focused image of the whiteboard as if the viewer were square in front of it. Kaptivo’s image processing removes hands and arms of users working on or near the board to produce a high-fidelity digital whiteboard image.

What drivers or software do I need on my PC/Mac, phone or tablet?

Kaptivo works entirely through your browser and needs no additional software, drivers or plug-ins on your PC, Mac, iOS device (iPad, iPhone), Android tablet or phone, or other device.

What browsers does Kaptivo work with?

Kaptivo works with most modern web browsers including the latest versions of Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Edge, Internet Explorer, and the Android browser. If you’re using an up-to-date device or browser and are having issues with the Kaptivo experience, please let us know.

What data does Kaptivo store and where? Is my privacy protected? Is my data secure?

Only people physically in the meeting room can start a Kaptivo session. Viewing the whiteboard then requires an invitation or an approval from someone already part of the Kaptivo session. No-one outside your session can access your session content.  No session data is stored in the cloud, and data is stored only temporarily (during the meeting) on Kaptivo itself.  All Kaptivo communications are encrypted.

What is the maximum number of remote viewers in a Kaptivo session?

Kaptivo supports up to 15 simultaneous remote users via web browsers. Kaptivo sessions can be shared with an unlimited number of remote viewers via video conference tools.