Setting up a Whiteboard and Kaptivo in Your Home Office

Setting-up your remote work tools like Kaptivo and a whiteboard in your home office doesn’t have to be difficult if you think it out first.

Asking the question “What is the best whiteboard for a home office” is a bit like asking what’s the best color to paint a wall, there are many different factors to consider and ultimately it comes down to personal choice. At Kaptivo we see a lot of different kinds of whiteboards, and while our whiteboard […]

10 Tips for Becoming a Master Whiteboarder Part 1

10 Tips for Becoming a Master Whiteboarder Part 1 Success in business depends much on being able to communicate effectively and getting everyone on board–the whiteboard! The whiteboard is, in fact, one of the central gathering places for team brainstorming, collaboration and the exchange of ideas. But not everyone feels comfortable using the whiteboard to […]