Remote Teaching Survey – Results and Analysis

Kaptivo is conducting a Remote Teaching Survey to understand more on the strategies and remote education & collaboration tools being used by teachers during the COVID-19 crisis.

Background Two weeks ago we launched a survey for professional educators entitled: ‘Remote Teaching Survey – Readiness, Tools and Challenges’. The aim of the survey was to create a composite view of how teachers around the world were coping with the sudden shift to fully remote teaching, caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. We created versions […]

Announcing the Whiteboard from Home Program

Kaptivo’s Whiteboard from Home Program seeks to empower home workers to use tools for remote teams to keep-up productivity and collaboration during COVID-19 isolation.

Kaptivo is partnering with companies and schools to enable individuals working from home to share a regular whiteboard with remote coworkers, partners, and customers. Below you will find information on the program and some supporting materials on our whiteboard tools for remote teams. If you have any questions, please use the chat option on the […]

Setting up a Whiteboard and Kaptivo in Your Home Office

Setting-up your remote work tools like Kaptivo and a whiteboard in your home office doesn’t have to be difficult if you think it out first.

Asking the question “What is the best whiteboard for a home office” is a bit like asking what’s the best color to paint a wall, there are many different factors to consider and ultimately it comes down to personal choice. At Kaptivo we see a lot of different kinds of whiteboards, and while our whiteboard […]

Remote Teaching Survey – Readiness, Tools and Challenges

Kaptivo is conducting a Remote Teaching Survey to understand more on the strategies and remote education & collaboration tools being used by teachers during the COVID-19 crisis.

The COVID-19 crisis has forced educators around the world to adopt a fully-remote teaching strategy in record time.  We have created a short survey for professional educators to capture their opinions on how ready they are, what remote collaboration & education tools they are using and the challenges they face. We will publish the results […]

A Guide to Whiteboarding from Home

Remote work tools like Kaptivo enable team collaboration & brainstorming over the miles when being together just isn’t possible.

With many people facing work-from-home mandates, there’s a growing list of resources to optimize the work-from-home experience. We’ve collected some of our favorites (see the list and links below) and we’ve added our own unique perspective on remote collaboration tools for those of you who need a whiteboard to be productive. When it comes to […]

Kaptivo makes whiteboards smarter with new OCR and Language Translation feature

Cross border collaboration has always been valuable but with many companies implementing travel bans, digitally collaborating with co-workers, customers and partners in other countries has become even more important. To make cross-border collaboration more productive, Kaptivo is excited to announce a new feature that demonstrates the value of augmented visual collaboration: OCR and Language Translation. […]

The end of “Click Draw Share” – introducing Auto-Share for Kaptivo users

We are excited to announce a revolutionary (and patent pending) way to share your existing whiteboard in a video meeting using Zoom, Cisco Webex or other collaboration system. A year ago Kaptivo introduced “Click Draw Share” – a one-click way to share your regular whiteboard in any video meeting (Zoom, Cisco, Lifesize, Microsoft etc).  It […]

The Best Whiteboard Solution for Zoom Rooms is Now Generally Available!

Whiteboards and video conferencing have always been like oil and water – they just don’t go together well.   Pointing the camera at the whiteboard is a terrible experience – the content is distorted by the camera angle, there’s glare and reflections on the board and the writer is standing between the board and the camera […]

Kaptivo for Zoom Rooms Unveiled at Zoomtopia 2019

SAN JOSE, CALIF., OCTOBER 15, 2019 – Kaptivo, creator of the world’s best-selling whiteboard collaboration system, today announced Kaptivo for Zoom Rooms (, the first product to integrate with Zoom Video Communications Inc.’s (NASDAQ:ZM) new whiteboard camera feature in Zoom Rooms. Kaptivo for Zooms Rooms improves productivity by integrating existing, standard whiteboards as a natural […]