Taurus Fabrication: Whiteboarding their Way to Precision Specialized Equipment

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Taurus Fabrication: Whiteboarding their Way to Precision Specialized Equipment

About Taurus Fabrication

Sacramento-area based Taurus Fabrication is an engineering and fabrication company that uses state of the art techniques, such as laser cutting and forming, to create precision tools that are used on robotic assembly lines for major automakers and companies in other industries other companies. Taurus works closely with manufacturers on all stages of the manufacturing process—from concept design through prototype to production, leveraging a combination of sophisticated software and precision laser cutting machines to produce specialized equipment.

The challenge

The company’s engineers and designers use whiteboards to generate, iterate and communicate ideas visually, both with onsite staff and with remote teams. “Everyone uses whiteboards, the question is, how do you use a physical whiteboard remotely? Furthermore, how do you get concepts and designs from the whiteboard into their appropriate digital formats so that they can be refined and eventually implemented?” said Beau Huiskens, CEO of Taurus Fabrication.

Whether in an internal meeting or during a web conference with clients in remote locations, a few things are imperative for the Taurus team:

  • The information needs to be saved in a way that not only makes it easily accessible for future reference, but that also captures the full thought process involved. For example, most whiteboard sessions involve numerous sketches and diagrams–it’s important that all the information is preserved in way that shows the logical progression from one drawing or diagram to the next.
  • All participants need to be able to clearly see what is being written on the board. This is especially important working with remote teams who might be joining a web conference, such as Taurus’ clients who might be in other parts of the U.S., or anywhere else in the world. But it’s also important for those present who might have their vision obstructed by a glare, smudge, object in the room or even the body of the presenter.
  • Sensitive information can’t be left on the board. Much of the information–particularly details that might be shared by Taurus and its clients–involves proprietary designs and can’t be left on a whiteboard indefinitely.

Of course, a standard, unconnected physical whiteboard doesn’t provide these capabilities. On the other hand, smartboard solutions are extremely expensive, often difficult to use, and don’t allow engineers and designers to communicate the way they’re most comfortable–writing on a physical whiteboard.

The solution

To provide the needed requirements for security, visibility and the ability to easily preserve and share information, without investing in expensive collaboration technology (and the training or behavior change it might require), Taurus’ team uses Kaptivo.

Kaptivo turns any whiteboard into a digital communication platform, digitizing what you put on your whiteboard. For engineers, designers and others who prefer writing on a real whiteboard, Kaptivo helps them do it more efficiently, to:

    • Connect globally dispersed teams and groups
    • Dramatically improve the image by eliminating streaks, glares, shadows, obstructions and bad angles
    • Preserve sessions and presentations in their entirety, without having to worry about taking notes or snapping photos
    • Make it incredibly easy to archive, share or reuse images on whiteboards

The results

“We work with teams in different locations around the world. Kaptivo enables us to not only share information, ideas, and diagrams from whiteboards but also to save and archive that information so that nothing is lost,” said Huiskens. With Kaptivo, the Taurus team can more effectively communicate concepts visually both and internally, and with clients. Furthermore, with Kaptivo’s timeline capabilities, all information from whiteboard-centered sessions can easily be saved and shared with the appropriate parties, with less concern about sensitive information being left on a board under a “Do Not Erase” sign, or inadvertently leaked through a smartphone photo. With these capabilities, the Taurus team is able to focus less on collaboration technology, and more on what it does best: designing and building precision equipment.

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