Kaptivo + BlueJeans

Whiteboard Collaboration for BlueJeans Rooms

Take your BlueJeans video conference to the next level with the ability to share your whiteboard with only one click

Stay On Track

Keep up the pace with seamlessly integrated whiteboard sharing that brings the flow of in-person collaboration to all meetings hosted through a BlueJeans Room.

Let Everyone Participate

Remote team members don’t have to squint to see your whiteboard through a web-cam or wait until you send a photo. Everyone stays on the same page.

Collaborate the Way You Want

Don’t like drawing on your computer or tablet? Don’t worry. Your favorite dry-erase board is now as sharable and clean as a digitally-created image.

Introducing Kaptivo whiteboard livestreaming integrated directly into your BlueJeans Room. With seamless native integration, your remote video conference collaborators can experience the benefits of live visual brainstorming, without the pain of inconvenient and manually shared photos or costly commute costs. Simply press a button and your traditional whiteboard is automatically shared with everyone on your video conference.

BlueJeans Whiteboard Integration

  • Share your whiteboard with everyone on a BlueJeans meeting with one-click native integration with BlueJeans Room using iPad or Dolby Conference Phone
  • Secure whiteboard livestream through your video BlueJeans video conference meeting
  • PDF downloads of whiteboard content with important changes (coming soon!)
bluejeans kaptivo-01

Kaptivo Whiteboard Sharing System

  • Kaptivo device with advanced optics, control pad, and installation hardware
  • Advanced computer imaging processing software that automatically enhances images while removing glare and body parts
  • Designed for whiteboard up to 6ft by 4ft (1.8 m x 1.2 m); install in under 10 minutes
  • Works with existing BlueJeans meeting room equipped with either iPad or Dolby Conference Phone

Simple to Install

Dolby_Share Screen

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