Announcing the Whiteboard from Home Program

Kaptivo’s Whiteboard from Home Program seeks to empower home workers to use tools for remote teams to keep-up productivity and collaboration during COVID-19 isolation.

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Kaptivo is partnering with companies and schools to enable individuals working from home to share a regular whiteboard with remote coworkers, partners, and customers. Below you will find information on the program and some supporting materials on our whiteboard tools for remote teams. If you have any questions, please use the chat option on the Kaptivo website or email

What is the Kaptivo Whiteboard from Home Program

It’s a program for companies and schools to help their employees adapt to work from home without sacrificing the key tools they are accustomed to and avoid impacts on productivity, innovation, and collaboration

Participating companies

  • Sign up and receive a custom 10% discount code – email to apply
  • Make end-users aware of this program via email, web etc
  • Kaptivo can provide visibility to administrators on purchases and users for tracking purposes
  • Systems can be redeployed when things normalize to offices or conference rooms
  • There is no commitment on your part

End users

  • Purchase Kaptivos at a discount at or by sending a purchase order to
  • Kaptivo provides both online and live resources to help users get up and running

How do I join the program?

Companies and schools join the program by emailing Please include your name and phone number. Kaptivo will issue your organization a discount code for our whiteboard tools for remote teams and send a resource kit.

If you are an individual, please refer us to the team responsible for work from home initiatives at your organization.

Why do I need a whiteboard at home?

Whiteboards enhance productivity for certain tasks such as:

  • Brainstorming
  • Collaborating over complex subjects
  • Ad hoc planning
  • Training / Teaching

There’s a variety of ways to whiteboard digitally but they have a different user experience that is not as intuitive or easy to use and many people find drawing with your finger or mouse is hard.

To learn more about the different whiteboard options and why you might need a Kaptivo, read this: A Guide to Whiteboarding from Home

How do I order a Kaptivo?

There are two ways to order a Kaptivo system:

  • Visit and checkout with your company-specific discount code
  • Send a purchase order to, with the discount code referenced in the notes or comment section

What kind of whiteboard do I need? How do I install a whiteboard in my home office?

Kaptivo is designed to work with whiteboards as large as 8 ft by 5 ft*. There are lots of different types and sizes of whiteboards so we’ve created a handy reference guide to explain the choices and help you install your whiteboard and Kaptivo at home.

* Standard size is 6ft by 4ft. Can be increased to 8ft by 5ft with optional adapter mount (sold separately)

Does our Whiteboard from Home Program sound simple to join? It is! Should you get involved if you’re currently working from home as part of a collaborative team? You should! Learn a bit more about Kaptivo’s whiteboard camera technology that makes it all possible. See our whiteboarding solution for Education and Business to get a bigger picture.

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