A Guide to Whiteboarding from Home

Remote work tools like Kaptivo enable team collaboration & brainstorming over the miles when being together just isn’t possible.

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With many people facing work-from-home mandates, there’s a growing list of resources to optimize the work-from-home experience. We’ve collected some of our favorites (see the list and links below) and we’ve added our own unique perspective on remote collaboration tools for those of you who need a whiteboard to be productive.

When it comes to remote work tools, whiteboards are super useful for any kind of impromptu content creation such as group brainstorming or planning, visualizing complex concepts and teaching. Read to the bottom to see our special offer!

If you need to whiteboard from home, here are some handy tips:

Choose your whiteboard tool

While there are digital whiteboards / touchscreens with whiteboard modes these costs thousands of dollars and you might not have a long term need for a dedicated device. Here are some practical options for home use instead:

  • Use the whiteboard app in your video conferencing app – products like Zoom, Webex and others have a whiteboard mode. It’s the easiest and lowest cost approach but the experience isn’t quite the same. You’ll have to use your finger or a mouse to draw which can be awkward.
  • Use a tablet and pen – Products like the Apple iPad with an optional Apple Pencil provide a good drawing experience and can work with Zoom, Webex and others. The drawing surface is smaller and the user experience is more complicated than a regular whiteboard though.
  • Use a regular whiteboard and a Kaptivo. For diehard whiteboarders looking for remote work tools, this is the best solution. You can choose whatever size whiteboard will fit in your home office, the user experience is intuitive and you can both share via Zoom, Webex etc and save the content digitally.

Place your whiteboard in an optimal location

If you place your whiteboard facing your computer, the remote participants will be able to see and hear you and see the whiteboard (via Kaptivo) clearly. Kaptivo’s image processing magic makes the digitized whiteboard perfect – removing shadows, reflections, glare and even body parts from the digitized image.

If you’re using a Kaptivo you’ll want the whiteboard and Kaptivo to be near an outlet for power (unless you have PoE at home) and you can connect the Kaptivo to your home wireless network. You can mount the Kaptivo to drywall with the included bracket or you can choose one of our optional mounts like the magnetic mount or suction mount.

Share your whiteboard using Kaptivo and your favorite video system like Zoom or Webex

You can share your whiteboard with anyone by using Kaptivo and video conferencing products like Zoom or Webex. Open up the free Kaptivo web app in your web browser and then share your browser screen in Zoom or Webex. Now everyone can see a crystal clear view of you and your whiteboard.

You can bookmark the Kaptivo web app so whiteboard sharing is only 1 click away. You can either bookmark www.kaptivo.live or create a custom bookmark for faster access by following these instructions

If you’ve read this far, then we’re rewarding your persistence with a special offer. Order your Kaptivo For Standalone Whiteboards, Business Edition with discount code FREEWHITEBOARD48X36USA (or click this link) and we will send you a complimentary 4 foot by 3 foot whiteboard for free. That’s right – for free. This offer expires on April 30, 2020 and is limited to US customers (for now).

Note: For the home office, you need Kaptivo for Standalone Whiteboards not Kaptivo for Zoom Rooms.

Kaptivo’s Work-From-Home Resource List

From Kaptivo: Setting up a whiteboard and Kaptivo in your Home Office

From Harvard Business Review: How to Actually Work… When You’re Working From Home

From Intentional by Grace: Tips on using whiteboards at home

From Wikipedia: The Picture Superiority Effect

From Corporate Visions Research: Whiteboards vs Powerpoint Research paper

From Explain Everything: Tips on using whiteboard collaboration

From Amazon: Recommended whiteboard $57.90 with free prime shipping works with a Kaptivo magnetic mount.

From Amazon: Command Strips A way to mount your whiteboard without putting holes in the wall

From Amazon: Whiteboard Alternative Works like a whiteboard but doesn’t require any mounting

Learn more about the amazing technology built into every Kaptivo that makes our whiteboard camera system such a great tool for remote collaboration. Please contact us with questions.

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